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Spam SMS in Virgin Mobile thread - from scammers

Joining in

Since joining as a Virgin Mobile Customer years ago, I've received monthly SMSs telling me how much data I've had roll-over each month. This week, in that same thread I've had a phishing SMS in the same SMS tread that guided me to a link to fill in card details as there had been a problem taking my payment details. I didn't think anything of the SMS as they have always been trusted on my device from you. I put in my card details and received a call from scammers yesterday trying to get me to move money to a 'safe account' as my bank account had been breached. I have had to cancel my cards etc and take a lot of time speaking to my bank and frankly, this has caused massive amounts of upset and anxiety. How have they been able to do this? How have you let my personal details become at risk and not bothered to inform me of any breach of my data that has occurred? Of course, I have raised a formal complaint this morning with you and will be raising it with the Information Commissioners' office also. Still, I wanted to put this in a public forum also to ensure no one falls victim to this scam that you at Virgin Mobile have allowed to happen. I am absolutely furious. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi StephK01.

Thank you for posting and welcoming you onto our community forums 😊.

Sorry to see you have been hacked ☹. It may be that as the techniques scammers use, our number for texts has been spoofed. 

It will be fully investigated, with a member of the team getting in touch as soon as possible. 

Please raise this with the police as a fraud which we will investigate also our own fraud team will investigate.

Once again sorry that this has happened and hopefully it gets resolved, please let us know how it goes. 

Thank you. 

Ari - Forum Team

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Fibre optic

Almost certainly VM have NOT had a breech and neither have they risked or leaked your personal details. As mentioned below, the much more likely explanation is that some group have been sending out ‘spoofed’ SMS messages where the originating number has been altered to appear to have come from a VM number. This is not particularly difficult to do and when your phone receives it, it looks at the number that the message appears to have come from, sees that this is apparently the same VM number as other legitimate messages have come from and just attaches it the thread.

There is nothing really that either you nor VM can do to stop this, it’s a limitation of how the SMS system works - similar things have been reported on here for years.