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Sorry, your order has been cancelled.

Both my Wife and I had seen a deal online through Topcashback which was: 

Pay Monthly SIM Only Exclusive 5000 mins + 12GB Multi SIM 12 months contract

Which we both ordered on 22nd March 2020 and we entered our PAC numbers so we could bring our existing numbers with us. 

We received 3 x emails from Virgin Mobile regarding Marketing Info, Welcome to Your Account and Please Confirm Your Log in Address. We have clicked on the link to confirm our Login Addresses, however we've still not received any Sim Cards in the mail and when we try to Login to Virgin Mobile we get "oops, something went wrong" message.

We fully understand that the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused havoc and businesses are running with minimal to no staff at the moment however were wondering what happens to our current services as we have asked for and used the PAC codes from out current providers who are Tesco Mobile. 

Will we be left with no service from Tesco Mobile and loose our mobile numbers too?

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