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Solution to OTP & Notification/ Verification codes

Hi All,

I had issues for many months with not receiving OTP or Notification  & Verification codes from different senders.

After many hours of conversation with Customer Services at VM,  I have at least had the issue resolved. I hope this solution helps all you people out there that are having the same problem. 

You need to check out some of the settings on your mobile phone.

Firstly, Open your Messages icon & click on the 3 dots top right > next Settings > next More Settings > next Text Messages. Check that the Message Centre number is +447458399008.

Secondly,  open the Settings menu on your phone > next Connections > next Mobile Networks.  Check that VoLTE calls to SIM 2 is off.

Restart your phone. 

After months of issues , these checks worked for me. Give it a go & Good Luck 👍


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Forum Team
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Re: Solution to OTP & Notification/ Verification codes

Hi Gg92, 

Thanks for posting your fix to your text messaging problem, I am sorry it took so long to get it resolved but I am glad you finally got there!

Post's like this is what makes our forums great, so thank you so much 🙂

If you need any other help or advice, just create a new post and we will be happy to help. 



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