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Slow 4G since return to Virgin

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I moved my two phone sim only contracts from Virgin early summer was the prices had increased but after a short time had a new offer so renewed both contracts. However, since returning in August, our internet access (when not connected to Wi-Fi) is absolutely awful, we have tried swapping our sims into different phones and throughout different locations and the majority of the time, it’s so slow we can’t actually get connected.  I thought that Virgin used Vodaphone and now see that new sims are being put onto O2 (which has always been awful which is why we left them many years ago). Does anyone know how to improve the signal or if it’s possible to go back to running off the vodaphone network? Many Thanks  


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

No going back Virgin and O2 have now joined forces to become VMO2.

Lot's of reports of slow data since the move. O2 is a heavily over subscribed network and when they set up 4G they went for coverage and sacrificed capacity.

Are you on the new 30 day rolling SIM only contracts? If so, if Virgin can't sort things you can easily escape


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Ah thanks for the reply, it was what I was expecting! Because I had been with Virgin for years and always has a good signal I thought I would have the same (my mistake) so signed up for both numbers for a 12 month contract. I may just have to cut my losses and pay to get out of the contract and go elsewhere, I need good internet for Google maps when driving! 

Apologies for the issues faced TSBH,

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Can I ask regarding this, is the signal poor when you're out and about?

Let us know,


Hi, yes when I’m about and about (so using either 3/4G)

Many thanks for the response, 

Just to clarify also, are any area issues showing via this link within your area?



Hi, no there aren’t any problems showing, the issue happens over at least an 8 mile radius!

Ahh okay,

Many apologies for the service issues, have you contacted out mobile team previously for this matter? If so what was advised?