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Sim Swap

Joining in

I understand upgrades and updates need to take out.

I received a txt that i`ll get a new sim that has to be activated in 30 days (thats fine) then I recieve another saying 14 days (not so good)

My issue is that I'm a posted worker in Norway at the moment. The sim has been sent to my UK address and has been sent on to me but with all the lovley strikes going on in the world, especailly the UK I`m still waiting for my sim to arrive... Now the lovely people at Virgin have cut me off !!!!

I`ve work related apps I need to access on a construction site with no Wi-Fi as it's a construction site in the middle of eeffffffffffing nowhere.

I`m now sat in the site office with my thumb up my a**e !!!! because I`m unable to use the work-related apps....

Would be good if I could find a phone number to talk to someone.... oh wait, thats right I`ve not got a working phone to use!!!

Thanks you Virgin, for your poor service.

Surely you deacivate people once they`ve activated the new sim?

Phoneless and workless in Norway.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Tonto1976,

Many apologies for the issues faced and welcome back to the community.

I can see that you have been responded to in another thread, to avoid confusion I'll allow responses to occur from there.