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Shocking Experience with the mobile 02 move

Joining in

I just received an outstanding payment demand of £24.00 from O2 for my volt/Oooph bundle. For a SIM that is still in the packaging, never used.

After 90 minutes on various calls this afternoon (many just rang forever and cut off, others just loop you back to the start and chat).  Eventually I got a human being and was told I had to pay the £24 to close the contract and was advised this would be credited to my broadband account.

How the hell can I be charged for a mobile SIM that was NEVER used when it was Virgin mobile and NEVER even taken out of packaging when the O2 SIM arrived!!!

I will be going to an 02 store tomorrow with the evidence and if necessary (luckily I have legal support) take this as high as possible for the stress caused of having a demand letter sent.

What is worse the letter says they tried to call and text me!  How did they do that with a SIM / number never used.

NEVER in my life have I had such shocking customer experience.  From this I tried to cancel my Virgin Broadband Oooph contract and guess what another 20 mins on a chat bot and no one came to speak....Incredible.  I will call and cancel tomorrow.  My brother is doing the same and I have shared on my work internal messaging to get others to follow.  Egregious is not  a strong enough word for Virgin Media/02......




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi IanB24 👋 Welcome to the community! Thank you for posting. 

So sorry to hear about your recent experience with an OOMPH Sim which was migrated to O2. 

We no longer offer or support OOMPH packages and so what has likely happened here is the SIM / number previously part of your package has been migrated over to O2 as part of the migration to ensure the service and number was not lost if it was still wanted or in use. It will have been migrated over on the lowest price comparable package. We will have contacted you via the contact number ahead of this happening. You can find more information about the migration process here 👉 Virgin Mobile’s Move to the O2 Network | Virgin Mobile (

Once a number/Mobile service has been migrated over to O2 you do need to speak to them directly to cancel this service. However, if you have received charges incorrectly as a result of this we would still be able to help (as this is linked to your Virgin Media package services). 

If you are still on an out of contract OOMPH package you will need to update this and start a new contract. 

I'd like to offer some help getting a complaint raised so we have record of your feedback, and so we can offer further support. I will just need to confirm a few account details via PM so we can do this. You can find the PM in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 📩 We can then return to this public thread with another update when possible. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Wishing you all the best. 🌞


Joining in

I’ve just had the same experience. Been speaking with O2 today who said I need to pay the £24 because they have provided the service and it is my choice if I use it or not. I have never put the SIM card into anything. I can’t find any correspondence that says I would be paying £24 for something that was a part of my package. The first I know of it is a letter saying I need to pay up!