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Service and customer harm

On our wavelength

After my original post and over 1 year of back and forth with Virgin Media I had to get the Ombudsman involved, to which they had been very helpful.  


Virgin Media then agreed to cancel the mobile contract that had been taken out incorrectly in my name and refund the full price of the handset returned by my Dad at the time.  They also agreed to remove the missed payment marker dating back to April the first I had been made aware of this handset or contract at an address I moved out of 3 years ago but Virgin failed to carry out the checks for this. 

So after thinking I would finally get this resolved and can put the stress behind me, I logged into my Clearscore to check my credit score to notice Virgin had added another missed payment marker this month (March) for the contract that had been cancelled and refunded in full in Feb!!!   


I rang them up to speak with the complaints/executive team to be advised they have no direct dial or internal number to transfer to them and that they can only log a complaint for them to contact me, to which I am still waiting a call back from a previous DSAR complaint which has yet to be completed months passed the deadline, they have only completed 1/3 of my request for this also. 


The customer service and experience I have had with Virgin Media since 2021 has been nothing short of shocking. Once all this has been resolved I and my family members will never be returning to Virgin Media for any product ever again. 


Ever since the 02 merger they have gone downhill. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Dominic4,

Thank you for reaching back out, sorry to hear your credit score is still being affected after this was all cleared, this is something that would need to be flagged to our credit file amendment team, So I can help and make sure this has been raised with them I will send you an invite into a private chat, once received please click on the purple envelope to accept.



Joining in

I've had similar issues with Virgin Mobile where it seems I was attempted to be just 'brushed off' yesterday. This was by a member of the Virgin Executive Complaints Team.

For someone with such responsibility I found them aloof, arrogant and unsuited to such a job role.