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Security phone call

I was called this morning, on my mobile, from a number in Ireland who said they were from the Virgin Mobile security team and that there was a problem with my order to get a mobile with virgin and port my number over from my current mobile provider. 

I have received unsolicited calls from people in the past, saying they are from Microsoft or BT, trying to farm personal info from me in order to scam, the call this morning felt very similar. She said if I didn’t answer the security questions right then and there my order would be cancelled.

I said that I was uncomfortable passing my details over to an unsolicited caller and that I’d need to verify the validity of the call. 

I called Virgin Media, with whom I have a Broadband, phone and TV account, from my landline and confirmed that the call was legitimate but by the time I had been put back through to the securities team/back office the order had been cancelled and I was advised to go into a Virgin Store and take photo ID with me (the local store was closed a while ago and replaced with a kiosk)

I understand that Virgin media needs to make sure that orders are legitimate but calling someone on a Sunday morning because the email address on their mobile application is different from the one they use for their broadband and tv account seems a little excessive, when ALL THE OTHER INFO IS EXACLY THE SAME.

There is a better way to do this, my bank does it, Microsoft do it, even my current mobile service provider do it.

2 factor identity confirmation. 

Why don’t virgin bring their security process up to date?

Why can’t I confirm the validity of a call prior to virgin cancelling my order? 

Does virgin want my custom? It seems not. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Security phone call

Hi AndySco


Thank you for posting on our community forum pages.


We are sorry to hear of any issues regarding your order and we apologise for any disappointment. 


We take protection of our customer data very seriously and when our team call and require access to an account we will ask a series of security questions. 


Our commitment to GDPR can be found here


If we can help with anything regarding your order please let us know.


Thank you. 

Forum Team

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