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Samsung A53 weak WiFi

On our wavelength

Hi all,

After installing the VM hub 5 with the M350 package i get a weak WiFi signal to my phone.

On 2.4ghz I only get 30mbps anywhere ihousn the house. 

On 5.0ghz I get the full 320mbps if my phone is literally on the hub.

The further away I get the wifi speed reduces. 

Eg 3ft away it drops to 150mbps then 6ft away it drops 90mpbs.

After about 8ft it drops all the way back 30mbps. 

I've tried other phones and they all get 320mbps where ever in the house. 

Any ideas ?



On our wavelength

Just to add, on 5.0ghz the network speed is 433 mbps  and on 2.4ghz it is 72mbps.

Hi xbakerbob,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue with your WiFi signal. 

I have taken a look on our side and it looks as though you need an engineer to come out to make some adjustments. 

I will private message you now to confirm you details.