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Sales team deal - concerned about the SIM card element

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I currently pay £32 for just internet (250mb) and that's about to go up 8% with the price rise. Almost everyday I get a call from an overseas call centre offering to upgrade me to 1Gb, new hub, TV recording box and a 4GB SIM for £41. I'm considering the deal as it will be an extra £6 to get the higher speed once the price rise is factored in and everything else is a bonus - I might also be able to cancel my existing £8 a month mobile contact to counteract the cost increase. My concern is over the SIM. The overseas call centre are so fixated on pushing the sale that it's hard to get coherent information from them. I've also seen horror stories online of people receiving a SIM and then being tied to an unexpected £24 a month contract. I don't know if the SIM is just data, or if it includes calls as well. Can anyone confirm what the SIM element of the deal includes, and if it it's not actually free with the package as the sales people suggest? I don't have a lot of trust with Virgin as they've secretly changed my package before, but I also don't have many other options where I live.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey wedra,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.

Unlimited calls and texts are included in all sim card deals but there are numerous sim card options that you can take, so we cannot really advise on all of the sim options available.

The sim card would not be free and this would be a separate payment to O2, I'm sorry if you have been told that this would be but unless you have an agreement for the sim card to be free it would be chargeable and depending on the sim plan that you take the costs can start from £5 per month. 

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If you have ready got an O2 SIM there is no need to take on an extra O2 contract to get the Volt Benefits price and speed wise.

Virgin pressure sell these days, and I doubt you will get all the facts from their sales till its too late

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1 gig is currently £33. (M500 volted)

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