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SIM not connecting in UK

On our wavelength

Just upgraded my phone to Blackview BV7100 and on arrival back in UK not connecting to network?


Accepted Solutions

Thanks for coming back to me richardcgci, please can you reboot your handset and let me know, if that has helped to resolve your issues, I have refreshed your network profile, so hopefully this will resolve the problems that you're having. 

Kind Regards,


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello richardcgci,

Sorry to hear you are having an issue connecting back to our Network.

Thank you for bring this to our attention.

Can you see if this helps?

Select Apps from Home screen
Select Virgin SIM Toolkit Icon
Select Roaming
Select Mode
Select Automatic and go back to Home Screen.


Having problems finding APPs to get the SIM tool kit



Hi richardcgci,

Can you try this instead.

if it doesn't work. Let me know and I can send you a private message and check from here.

  • Switch SIM roaming mode from "Automatic" to "National"
  • Power off phone for >5 minutes
  • Power on phone
  • Data still does not work
  • Switch SIM roaming mode back to "Automatic" Gareth_L

Got it sorted thanks for the help. Found the SIM tool kit. The joys of upgrading ones phone. 


Hello richardcgci,

That is good news.

The joys are now, not worrying and all is working as it should.

If you have any more issues, please head back to our Community and we can help.

Enjoy your new handset.



Back in UK and data not connecting and SIM tool kit APP not supported? Can not connect for data. Don't know if people can call me?


Hi Richard 👋 thanks for returning to the thread. Sorry to hear you are still having issues. 

Can we just check you have rebooted the handset since returning to the UK? 

Is there a network showing for you on the phone at the moment? We need to establish if there is just no signal where you are currently, or if the phone / sim is not connected to the network. 
Are you able to make outbound calls? Or send and receive texts?

Let us know and we will continue to offer support. All the best! 🌞


Just received a call and appears to be ringing out. 


Rebooted but SIM tool kit not now supported so cannot change National to international 

Hi Richardcgci,

Thanks for coming back to us about this, I am glad to see you just had a successful call come through! 

However, as for the SIM Toolkit, we've stopped using this as an App now so this will be why it's saying "Not Supported". 

Are you able to call and text outbound? What about using your mobile data etc?