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SIM card registration failed

Hello, I have an old Nokia pay as you go  phone I keep for emergencies which has a balance of about £20 on it. I went to use it last week and it wouldn't work. It came up saying ( sim card registration failed) and emergency calls only. Has any one got any ideas why this has happened.? and also have I lost my £20. Can Anybody help.


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Re: SIM card registration failed


How long ago was the SIM card and account used? If there is no activity on the account within I think 180 to 365 days then the account is closed and you will lose the credit.

Sim card registration failed and emergency calls only is when the account has been closed.

I recommend you don’t do this in future.

However you could call 03454541111 and select option 2 for mobile and see if you can get your account back.


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Re: SIM card registration failed

Info from the terms & conditions (aka legal stuff)

"3.7 Keep talking!: You need to use our Services at least once within any 180
day period either by making a chargeable call or sending a text message.
If you don’t we may suspend your access to the Services and disconnect
you from the Network. We don’t really want to lose you as a customer so
please ensure you keep talking or texting!"

It's also possible your number could have been recycled to the pool of mobile numbers available to be re-used. 

Normally they don't refund payg credit as well. 

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