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Roaming in Isle of Man not working

Tuning in

Dear Virgin Mobile,

I've just arrived in the Isle of Man and have no phone service at all. When I found these help pages I find that this is a problem that has been going on for years with numerous posts.

I find it amazing that you've not managed to fix this problem after all of this time and that customers keep having the same issue!


On our wavelength

Thanks Gareth. That will be most helpful

Hello philguk.

Thanks for waiting.

So after asking the question I have been directed to this bit of Information 

Hope this helps until you are Migrated over to O2.



On our wavelength

It doesn’t really help. I have received a newvSIM (about a year ago) but how do I know whether it’s O2 and I get the Isle of Man included??

That link just talks about roaming in general

im thinking my best bet will be to ditch Virgin and go with someone like ASDA who clearly include the Island in the UK

Tuning in

I first had the problem in the Isle of Man years ago and managed to get it to work using the SIM toolkit but I think that app doesn't work with newer Android phones. With my new phone I had to use a Manx Telecom SIM. It's extremely annoying that Virgin pretend this is a new problem. 

The last straw for them with me was their abandoning PAYG which my wife used. We have both now left Virgin.

Hi phiguk.

It would be advisable to wait for your migration over to O2, than leaving and joining another mobile network.

But the choice is yours and we understand if you did leave us.