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Roaming abroad and am told I need to swap SIM before the date I get back

Tuning in

Just been texted to say I must swap Sims or lose my service. Unfortunately I'm roaming abroad and don't return home until a few days after the 7 day deadline. Phone helpline told me that this is automated and cannot be altered. This will leave me without a phone connection on a long car journey home as there is not tome to have the new Sim sent to Germany..Any suggestions?


Joining in

I have just been told exactly the same thing, virgin has also sent the sim to my old address. I am on holiday for 3 weeks and have an 8 hour drive back to the shuttle, if I have no Internet I have no Google maps and I can't even check in. All of my accomodation is booked online, with receipts and paperwork. It's a joke! They have just gave me a number to call and it can't be called from outside the UK. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello KevinMW.

Thank you as well for bringing this to our attention.

Sadly this migration needs to be done and is an automated process that we cannot halt or suspend.


It's infuriating, isn't it. I found the version of the 789 number that I called from Germany...+44 345 6000 789 which took several attempts and a long wait to get through. They just told me the same thing. Irritatingly, I got a text from them a few days earlier saying that I had 14 days to do the swap, which would have been OK. My only option now is to get a cheap German phone and pit another SIM in it....

I get that, but the text I got last week said that I had 14 days to do the swap, not 7. I was encouraged by the fact that others have managed to delay this by a short time. What has changed? Infuriating.

It's October half term in the UK, loads of people are away! 

Absolutely. There will be a lot of very disgruntled/stranded Virgin customers out there whose service will be cut off before they get back. There should have been a much longer run up to this decision so that we could have planned.

Hello KevinMW,

We can take this feedback onboard and pass to the relevant team.


Thanks for that. I read on other forums that people had managed to have the cut off point delayed, or have at least been told that it's possible. Surely, there must be some flexibility other than saying that the computer says no.

Hello KevinMW.

Do you have the URL for these threads please.