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Joining in

I ve signed up for a Virgin mobile 30GB. 
Can I use theses GB in EU for free and what's the roaming policy?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Malty, 

Thank you for your post 🙂
You can roam like home in EU countries. You can see all listed here and all info on this.


Hello, the reply as posted above looks very simple and clear BUT I have a question about it because it looks more complex that simply YES.

I have (on 11th Jan) taken out 2 new 30 day, rolling SIM only deals, one with 50Gb data and the other with 12Gb of data.  One is for me and one for my daughter.

In the Roam Like Home pages on the website, I picked up a link to Terms and Conditions:  which I assume is current.  Going down this link to Roam Like Home FAIR USE POLICY (about half way down the page) reading the FUP details, paragraphs 4 and 5 speak about surcharges and data caps (para 5.1).

There are reviews of Virgin Mobile on different websites which point to this page:  on which there is a FUP data allowance calculator - and for me this came out with an allowance of 6.4 Gb with my 50Gb / £12 plan which seems to conflict with the "Use Like at Home" headlines.

To clear this up can someone at Virgin respond YES / NO to the following questions:

1 - Do the data caps and surcharges ONLY apply if I don't keep to the FUP rules about time out of the UK and the monitoring of my usage over a 4 month period by Virgin?

2 - If I keep within the FUP guidelines can I use ALL my 50Gb / 12Gb data on the SIM cards each month? (And how about data rollover if I use 20Gb from the 50 in month 1 - does this give me 80Gb allowance for month 2?)

Are the numbers in the FUP calculator actually what I am allowed to use in the EU each month?

Thanks and apologies if everyone else believes this has been answered but this really confuses me.


Hi Frank / frankst237,

Thanks for popping back - I'm very sorry that you've found some of this confusing. I've confirmed with our teams the following:

- The FUP Calculator is correct and is what your available allowance would be for Roaming abroad under our Fair Use Policy.
- Data Rollover will be eligible for Roaming, but the FUP Calculator amounts will still apply.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask and we'll do our best to continue assisting.


Reece - Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

At some point this year you will be moved to O2. They allow up to 25GB when roaming in the EU. If your allowance is less than 25GB you can use it all.

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Reece, thanks for the reply.  I must say that this is not as I expected (hoped) because looking at the Virgin Mobile website there are several places where this sort of statement is made - All our Pay Monthly phones and SIM Only plans include EU roaming with Roam Like Home. This means you can use your UK allowance of minutes, texts and data in the EU just like you would in the UK.

From what you say this is clearly not clear (or correct) - I cannot use my allowances just as I would in the UK.  My UK allowance of data (in the example I quoted in my first post) is 50GB.  Using your response it is actually 6.41 Gb which is a LONG way away from my UK allowance of 50Gb.

In the Roaming Hub pages, clicking on SPAIN as an example, there is also a table showing that Data is included and at the bottom of the page is this statement - When roaming anywhere in the EU, you can now use your UK allowance with Roam Like Home. This means that while you’re travelling in an EU country you can use your UK allowance of Minutes, Texts and Data, just as you would in the UK. If your data allowances have run out, you can still use your mobile wherever you are in the EU and you’ll pay no more for extra Data than you would in the UK**

The statements above don't make it easy to understand your reply that the volume of data is dependent on a well hidden calculation buried in other web pages in the Fair Use Policy information.  Some better clarification alongside the above statements ought to be much clearer to ensure that customers understand the rules of the game when assessing whether to go with Virgin Mobile.

Enlli's reply about moving to O2 may well be correct (I had read that it was starting) but the information as presented about Virgin Mobile Roaming is not clear for everyone to understand.

If your response is correct, then at least it clears things up for customers who read these posts so thank you again.

Regards, Frank