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Roam LIke Home Service

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Does the Roam Like Home service apply to St Martin ( French and Dutch sides of the island), St Barts and Anguilla?


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Well Anguilla is chargeable 

Try the roaming hub

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Before travelling to the French Antilles ( Northern part of St Martin ) the Virgin Website  confirmed that I would be able to use my phone as part of my mobile plan whilst on the island. ( I have checked the Roam Like Home listing again today and it states that use of the phone in the French Antilles is part of my plan ) When I actually arrived on the northern part of the island my phoned displayed the message welcome to the USA which I found strange as the USA was hundreds of miles away. Clearly I was not going to be able to use my phone as part of my plan so the advice on the Virgin website was incorrect and misleading and had I been aware of this before I travelled I would have changed my provider so that I could have been covered. Unfortunately Air France lost my luggage and I had to make calls to their offices to resolve that situation resulting in charges of £4.80 per minute for calls that Virgin stated would be included in my plan, a total of £57.60. 

My advice to all Virgin Mobile customers is do not trust the advice on Virgins website, I will be looking to cancel my Broadband, TV and two mobile phone plans what is the point of having a phone which you are advised can be used within your plan when clearly it cannot.

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @WhiteBird, and I'm sorry to hear of the charges that you've incurred whilst being in Anguilla.

I'd have to advise that the carrier is not able to determine which mast you connect to overseas, and can on occasion pick up masts there are further afield, and even based in other countries.

Looking into the location of Anguilla, this is based in North America, and as a result would not be part of our Roam Like Home group, as this is only applicable to countries that form the European Union.

I'd therefore have to advise that these charges would be valid.

Kindest regards,


I am raising an issue with charges made for using my phone in the French Antilles ( northern St Martin) which according to the Virgin Roaming Hub is included in my plan not Anguilla

Thanks for coming back to me @WhiteBird, and apologies for the mix up.

I've looked into this for you and this does appear to be within our Roam Like Home allowances.

However, as per my original post, we as the carrier cannot determine which masts you connect to overseas, and as a result, would not be in a position to credit these charges back for a customer I'm afraid.

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The Virgin Website says that these charges are included in my plan but what it omits to mention is that this depends on which mast I pick up, clearly something neither myself or Virgin can control. Had the Virgin website stated that the Roam Like Home Service was a lottery and not a given as it seems to infer I could have sought an alternative rather than relying on my Virgin Mobile Phone and having to pay high call charges, plus I can no longer trust what I read on the Virgin Website when it comes to use of my phone overseas.

I still claim that the information on the Virgin Website regarding use in the French Antilles is clear cut  and I should have been able to use my UK allowances and not incur any charges, the issue about which mast is picked up is not mentioned and I would suggest this is added to clarify the situation for other users in future.

Finally I don't know what more I could have done to confirm that I could use my UK allowance in the French Antilles the website clearly states I can use my UK allowances without any mention of which mast I pick up and I feel Virgin should compensate me for the charges that been made as I feel mislead by the information on the Virgin Website ,and I will seriously look at another provider who sticks by what they say in the future.


Thanks for coming back to me @WhiteBird.

I'd be able to take this to a private messaging conversation with you, to investigate further, with a complaint being raised.

Check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me.

Kindest regards,