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Riddle me this - calls going straight to Voicemail


Bought a new phone yesterday. Swapped SIM over. Set it up. Called out - no issues.

Test call to my phone this morning, goes straight to voicemail. Reset phone. Set it up again with no restored settings or apps. Same still. Phoned support. Nice lady said there was an issue with VM settings, She resent them, told me to turn it all off and back on after 2 mins. All good now.

As my phone had nothing on it, reset again and restored everything from my other phone but only the apps. Back to same issue. Phoned support and he said:

It's because there are problems with the mast in your area and they are working on it.

(Checked EE Status and all repaired so not sure where he got that information from)

Now - my wife AND daughter are also on VirginMobile and no issue. Queried this with him and said it must be only affect the signal on my phone. (Utter rubbish) I asked him to do whatever the lady did before and he said he did (not entirely sure about that TBH) Works calling out on 4G, doesn't even work for incoming if I swap it to 3G. Now, if I wanted a device for browsing and email I would have have bought an iPod touch. If I wanted a phone for phoning people, I would have bought a phone from about 10 years ago. It's 2020 so why can't I have both?

Tried it back in my old phone and it now doesn't work in there either when it did yesterday - I think the settings on the voicemail or SIM have been messed up now.

Any ideas wonderful VirginMobile help people? (It's a Pixel 4a) Thanks




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