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Retrieve Lost Number, PAC Code Expired

HI, hoping someone can help as I have got nowhere with customer service on the phone and the 'stock' answers.

I requested my PAC code talking to an agent on 08/04/21 as I was intending to move to a linked contract with my husband, however, when I reviewed the new contract it did not provide what i thought i was getting so I didn't use my PAC intending to stay with Virgin.

To my surprise I was messaged by my daughter on 09/05 to say that my number was coming up invalid. I called Virgin Customer Service to be informed that my account had been cancelled, even though the PAC code wasn't used; they gave me the same PAC code, to use with the new service.

My ID Mobile SIM arrived today and I activated it and when i went to use the PAC code i was informed it was invalid. I called Customer Service who said they cant issue a new PAC code because the account is closed and the number is lost!

I have found details on other forums; ID, Vodafone, O2, where they have helped recover the old number and I am hoping someone here can help do the same.

They suggested I request a new PAC through the online account, however, I am unable to get into the online account as they never corrected the email address that they entered wrongly by one letter; M instead of N and have informed them of this several times.

Sorry for the ramble but really don't believe that my number is lost; just haven't found the wright helpful person yet.

so to summarise, my questions are:

1) Can I get a valid PAC from Virgin Customer Services?

2) Can someone reset the email address on my online account so that i can then request a PAC?

3) Can my number be assigned to a PAYG so I can then request a PAC?



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Re: Retrieve Lost Number, PAC Code Expired

Hi Ronnie69,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 


I'm very sorry for the issues you're having with your PAC code. 


I do wish to look into this for you. What I will do is private message you so we can proceed further. 



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