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Reporting lost SIM card with old address

Hello there 🙂 

I have been having two problems with Virgin media

Problem 1: I lost my SIM card and reported it. Then remembered that I did not updated my address before doing so. Later, I corrected my address and reported it for the second time hoping that the new SIM card would be shipped to the new address. I did this two days ago and the only email I got was for my 1st SIM order (i.e. old address). What should I do now? I need the SIM card ASAP. Please help me ( I do not have any SIM card now and I can not call Virigin media!) 

Problem 2: I do not know if someone else is having this issue with their Virgin media online account, 9 out of 10 times I try to log in, the website is giving me a hard time, saying that the password is incorrect. Though I am 100% it is correct. Why is this happening? 

I am hoping that someone wise can help me

And thank you in advance. 



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