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Replacement sim card issue


I dont know if anyone else has had the same issue but here goes nothing. 

About a month ago my nan was sent a text message saying she needed to order a new sim as hers was out of date. Fair enough rite?

So this was the start of the problems. So we ordered the sim and thought nothing of it. 1 week later and still no sim. Thought ok maybe it could take a bit longer to arrive with things the way they are. 2 weeks later and still no sim.

So, thought it was taking a bit to long now so tried to talk to someone on the so called "message board". Several messages and several days later and still no reply. Who am I to get a reply rite?

So, tried calling to get this issue resolved. Pointless exercise really. Don't know why I bothered. 40 minutes on a phone only to be cut off before being spoken to. Call again, 30 minutes waiting, same thing happens.

Now this is getting to the point where I'm thinking about buying a new phone and sim for my nan and taking the virgin ones that she's been using for years an running them over in the car coz they would be as much use as they are now.

This is my last attempt at getting this sorted so please people of the virgin forum save the phone. And possibly my sanity.

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Re: Replacement sim card issue

Do you know what phone your nan has? There are 2 possibilities when she does get the SIM

1. The phone will be network locked to the old Virgin network and would require an unlock code.

2. The phone is of an age and type that is incompatible with these new cards.

Just mentioning this as it may effect your decision as what to do.

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