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Replacement SIM not arrived

I've received 3 reminder letters to the 2 addresses I have access to reminding me to swap my SIM card. But I have not received a new SIM card to either address. I have spoken to support once who assured that a new SIM card would be sent when the first one didn't arrive, but I've since had a letter saying my service will be cut off today.

Just spent 30 furtther mins on hold with no answer. Please for the love of god can someone actually send me a new SIM card or just stop pestering me about changing my SIM. I can't do anything without the new card. Waiting for approx 40 mins on hold to be told 'it will be sent out today' is infuriating. I am on the verge of simply cancelling my contract. Awful, awful customer service and correspondence in my case. 

Sorry for the angry tone but this has gone way beyond a joke now. Please, please, PLEASE just advise me how to get a new SIM.

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