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Reception problems.

Tuning in

Good morning.

when you used the EE network I received good reception and fast mobile internet.

Vodafone was worse and now O2 barely works at my home address.

I feel the only way forward is to change my provider as I appear to live in a O2 black spot.

Am I able to leave my contract early as I can barely use my phone at my home address.




Hi @Lester61, for more info on WiFi calling please see here.

If you're having trouble viewing our PM's that is strange, we haven't identified an issue with other customers doing so on mobile devices.

If this remains an issue, please try an alternative device such as a laptop and respond to the PM in question directly if you're still having issues.

Many thanks


Thanks Tom

I have turned on Wi-Fi calling in settings but no connection.

Not sure what else to do.



Hi @Lester61, I'm sorry things are still not working for you.

If you can find a device where the PM format works for you, we are on hand to help there - kindly respond to the PM we send you regarding this matter and we can take things further.

Many thanks