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Reactivate my unlimited data SIM

Just joined

I had an unlimited data SIM card with my previous Virgin package and it was great for the IPad especially out and about for my little boy to keep him entertained. However, I downgraded my package after the offer period as we barely watch/used the TV element so have a good broadband level and basic TV now. But this meant I lost the free unlimited data SIM. I just want to find out how I would go about reactivating the SIM (doesn’t necessarily have to be unlimited just say 40gb plus) and what the cost would be. No calls or messages package, just data for the ipad.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
The existing physical SIM wouldn't be reactivated if it's been cancelled.

If you wanted a data plan you could either go for any of the 30 day SIM only plans from Virgin Mobile here:

Or an O2 Mobile Tablet SIM plan from here:
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