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Re: New sim sent and no signal or network

Joining in

Hi, I need help as soon as possible.

I am abroad right now and suddenly my phone shows that there is no signal once I landed in the country and ever since it has been the same issue. I have tried to reach out but I cannot as I cannot ring anyone. The signal works here for everyone else with no issue.

Also, my 4G is not working either.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Faras2,


Sorry to hear of the mobile service issues abroad, we can understand the confusion this can cause and appreciate you raising this via the forums. Welcome to the community.


Can you confirm the following please:


  • Have you used the roaming service previously?
  • Was it set up prior to leaving the UK?
  • Are you able to access you mobile service/online account here to activate roaming?

Are other people you are with on Virgin Mobile and able to connect to a network? 



Hi Rob

Thank you for the fast response to my inquiry. 

yes, I have been using the virgin media mobile data roaming for the last 2 months now and I did not have an issue until I first installed the sim card then after there were no problems. I did not set it up but however, but I am originally from Ireland and now I am abroad in the UK I went abroad before to the same location 3 weeks ago and there were no issues with the signal or data roaming until now. Unfortunately, I cannot access it as I had previous issues with my Virgin media account.

Kind regards

Have you had a new SIM since you were last outside of the UK or been advised of any network migrations?



No, I have not gotten any new sim cards or been advised by any network migration.


I will send you a Private Message to get some more details to look into this further Faras2.