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Poor signal

Over the past few weeks, my mobile signal has dropped to just one bar. I cannot now use my phone where I work as the 4G reception seems to have more or less disappeared! 

I have not had issues previously. What could have changed? I am paying for data that I cannot use. Thankfully calls and texts manage to get through most of the time.

I have checked settings etc. on my phone (IPhone 6S). I have been with Virgin since their mobile service was launched, but wonder if it is now time to move my custom elsewhere. 


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Re: Poor signal

Have a look at the ee service checker for any maintenance or problems at home or work.

If that checks out fine you can try re-registering with virgin mobile. To do this you'll need to go into your network settings and search for networks. Then pick one of the other networks which will fail to connect as you have a vm sim. Then do it again, this time picking vm. 

If you still have problems after that, maybe you have a sim fault. 

Do you have the newer (since December 2017) purple sim card, or older red one? 

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