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Poor network coverage

Been a vm customer a few years & always lived in the same house. Started having signal issues a couple of months ago on my galaxy s7 edge. Decided to upgrade to an s10 thinking it was an issue with the phone. My signal is  almost none existent on 3g & dont think i ever got 4g at home.

I contacted vm customer service, they sent a request to EE to check the signal in my area

I have since had an email from EE stating they have ran a signal test in my area & have stated there are no signal issues. 

I dont even recieve text messages for hours after they are sent & have had people calling my landline to say they couldnt contact me.

The phone & sim are new & same if not worse than b4

My mrs put her vodaphone sim in my old phone & has full signal 

Any ideas where i go from here. 

Can i return the phone & cancel my contract as im still in the first 14 days of contrack.

Im clearly not recieving the service im paying for & may be better off on vodaphone if this cant be resolved



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Re: Poor network coverage

This is theorising to an extent..

The Vodafone test, for starters, only proves that your phone works - as far as proving signal goes, it's a different network. Just like EE could potentially have additional coverage at your home that is only available to EE users (4G800).

In short, the signal you're getting on Virgin is the signal you're going to get - you can check on the EE service checker ( but if EE have done that already by email then that won't help. If you've got a 14day exit clause, then you're probably answering your own question.

And your solution is going to be a mixture of 2.. Find a network that has coverage where you need it, and/or find a network that has a WiFi calling solution that works at home... or a mixture of both.

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