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Poor customer service

Joining in

I ordered a phone on Thursday received an Ipad on Friday, was asked to post it back, I did the next day. The email I received said that because of the mix up and extra effort and expense, i would have 4 months free, grest! It also said thst my phone would leave the same day. After 6 days, being lied too, hung up on, passed from pillar to post and being told it would take 3-5 working days even before it gets logged and could take 2 weeks before I receive my phone. I am also owed the money for the postage. For someone elses mistake. I am done. I have never been treated like a piece if rubbish like this before. Big companies do not give a dam (I really want ti swear a lot!) about their customers. 


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This sounds suspect,

I'd check someone hasn't ordered the ipad under your name/details and you've sent it to them thinking it was Virginmedia.

Do you have the address?

It could be genuine but I've never heard of someone receiving a tablet in place of a handset

Thank you for your reply. Virgin have excepted responsibility for the mistake.

Hi leigghtonjcooper,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about what has happened with your Mobile order and the return of it. 

I'm glad to hear that the team are working to get this resolved for you. 


Thank you for your reply. I appreciate that the team are working on it, how long will the process take? It has been a week and the only thing that has happened is about 2 hours of phone xalls and me being £11.15 down? 

To be able to look into the details further, I will need to access the account. 

I will private message you now. 


Ok, great news