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Placed in arrears as direct debit is not taking my money despite being able to pay it

Joining in

I have recently changed my direct debit to my current account. The payee is there, but no money has been taken out despite being able to afford it. As a result I have been placed in arrears with my data cancelled. This is not a problem with me, but Virgin Media's payment processing. 

I have called multiple times and the staff is being incredibly difficult including one laughing at me as well as hanging up for no reason.
They also asked me to reveal secret financial information despite being in a cafe & not being able to. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @PKeaveney, welcome to our forum and thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to see that your payments have not gone through even though the direct debit is set up. I will certainly take a look at why this has not been taken for you.

To do this I am going to send you a PM to confirm some details.



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