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Phone unreliable

Tuning in

Apologies but I am losing the will to live with my unreliable Samsung Galaxy S20. My husband and I are both on virgin. Frequently he has full signal when I have no signal. Phone will say either 'refreshing sim' or 'phone not registered on network'.  I have turned 5g off, tried using WiFi, turned tge phone off and on.. nothing works. I am paying for an unreliable, unusable phone.

Please can someone/anyone help


Forum Team
Forum Team

Apologies for the issues faced regarding the mobile Alfie101,

Welcome to the community.

Can I ask regarding this, is your husband experiencing the same issues with the service?

Also have you contacted our team previously on 0345 600 0789/789 if calling from a VM mobile?

Is so what's been advised?



Hi Kain.


My husbands service is fine.

I have tried to call the help line a number of times but either end up in a long queue (in excess of 20 mins) and have to hang up before it is answer...or it is answered and the phone drops out.

I am looking just for some assistance 

We understand your frustration Alfie101, can you confirm the following for me please?


  • What make and model handset does your husband use?
  • If the same as your's are the settings the same on each handset?
  • Does this issue happen in one location or everywhere?

From checking the location there doesn't appear to be any mast issues local to you.






My husband has a Ssmsung A52s. We have played about with the settings so they are the same-ish but no joy.

It happens everywhere. He can literally have a full signal and I will have nothing

Thanks for the additional information Alfie101, have your husband or yourself had a replacement SIM recently?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Try swapping SIM cards with your husband. If he then gets the problem it is either your SIM or something to do with your account.

If it stays the same then you know it is your phone.

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