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Joining in

Hi I’m posting because I can’t figure out what to do I’ve gotta letters that I have a payment that has been missed and I’m trying to call the number on the letter 03452340753 and it doesn’t work and tried to go on the app to pay but I can’t figure out how either so can anyone help me to pay this bill?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there Joseph2203, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Apologies for the issues faced, can I ask is this regarding a Mobile account?

If so on the account, is there not a tab for payments?



Its for my device repayment I paid the tariff for the month but the device repayment didn't go through and there is no option on the app or online to pay it 

Ahh okay. 

When you call the number given, is there a dial tone at all?

Let us know,


It rings for a second then it goes off I tried it multiple times and the same happened tried ringing someone else to see if its my phone but my phone is working normally 

Thanks for the response there,

I'd advise as it is a payment to contact our mobile team via 0345 600 0789/789 if calling from a VM mobile so we can investigate this.