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Phone 11 not holding a charge in the battery

Hi all,

This is the first time I have been on here, I have a iPhone 11 on contract, my problem that I have is that it doesn’t seem to hold a charge and is nearly always showing 1% of battery charge whenever I go to use it or it won’t turn on.
My other gripe is the storage on the phone, you can’t really have any apps music stored on it because the capacity is so low, what is the use of having a smart phone if you can’t use it as one?

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Re: Phone 11 not holding a charge in the battery

probably better posted in the mobile forum rather than this one..

that aside... battery performance degrades over time - i'm surprised that it's so bad after only ~18 months, sounds like a possible fault.. you may need to get a new battery installed (apple can do this or you can investigate 3rd party options).

as for the capacity.. you need to buy an appropriately sized phone for your needs..