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Partners phone not working abroad

Joining in

Hi, I have two phones through my account. We’re over in Dublin, my phone is working fine but my wife’s isn’t connecting to a network and is only working through WiFi. We’ve checked our iphone settings and I’ve checked my account, roaming is on. Can anyone help? 
Many thanks Allan


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there Fonzoek,

Welcome to the community.

Can I ask, have you checked your SIM toolkit?

If so is international roaming on?

Let us know,


Hi Kain, 

Thanks for the reply. 
How do you check the SIM toolkit? 

Many thanks Allan

Good morning Allan, sorry for the delayed reply. 

Please do the following; 

  • Select Apps from the Home screen or swipe to access. 
  • Select the Virgin SIM toolkit option. Depending on the SIM slot the SIM is in this may be 'Virgin' or 'Virgin2' 
  • Select Roaming. 
  • Select Select Mode. 
  • Select Manual. 
  • Select International.

Let me know if this resolves things, 


Forum Team

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