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Guys what they’re saying is you don’t have a high enough credit score you’re taking out two credit /loan type contracts your credit might not allow for these you have to speak to your creditors and find out why you can’t take these out, I’ve had exactly the same situation.


3 days later I got in contact with Virgin and they told me if everything had gone through (accepted) you should’ve received an email for “virtual signature” at this point you would have signed the contracts so legally speaking your not in a contract with them and no order has actually been made until this point 


I’ve argued this is unacceptable as they sent me a confirmation email for the following

new account member email

order with tracking and delivery details email 

what happens next email

so I responded with how they’ve misled me as if my credit was so poor the order wouldn’t have gone through and I wouldn’t have even received these emails. Online when actions by the credit check it would’ve denied me there and then. (Which I’ve seen as my partner tried the exact same deal and it denied there and then) SO this is Virgin gaining the stats for customers on record but were not actually customers we’ve just given them the rights to use our details. 

absolutely misleading. Both of us were going to switch over from EE but seems like we might as well stay with them because Virgin can’t seem to make a deal that has two items a lower benchmark credit for acceptance or even just make it one credit check led contract rather than 2 as that’s the main issue.

hope it helps 

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