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Parked order

Hey Virgin media, I recently placed an order on Saturday 20th June. For a iPhone 11 Pro  After I place the order I got a confirmation saying thank you for your order. We have got your order but before it can be completed we need to carry out some further checks someone in the team will be in touch about further information. was meant to get Delivered on Monday. 

I have then received the email saying 

There's only a few more checks between you and the good stuff. You'll find out soon if your order's confirmed when you get an email or call from us. witch I haven’t Received yet received it?

i have then received the second email saying 
All sorted! Your Virgin Media marketing contact preferences have been successfully updated. These may take up to 28 days to take effect. 
Remember, we'll only keep you in the loop with rewards, offers and competitions if you tell us to. You can change your mind and update your marketing preferences at any time by simply logging into your Virgin Mobile account and going to My Profile. 


then I received a third email saying :
You're in. Welcome to our gang! 
Manage Your Account online 
Your Account is our brilliant online area where you can do pretty much everything and have total control of your account 24/7. 
You can: 
- Make a Payment using a credit or debit card 
- Activate your SIM card 
- View and manage your tariff 
- View your recent use 
- Upgrade your contract 
- Check for software updates 
- Check to see if you're set up for going abroad 
- Change data and marketing consent 
and much more.... 
Simply log in at, if you've forgotten your details don't worry, you can easily reset them from there, too.  
And on the move... 
Our Virgin Mobile app lets you manage your account quickly, wherever you are. So, it's simple to see how many minutes and how much data you have left each month.  
It's free to download - just visit from your phone, or search for 'Virgin Media Manage' on the Google Play or App Store.  
Go explore 
If you need any extra help check out Here you can get advice and find loads of useful stuff, like our phone manuals and guides, and answers to frequently asked questions.  
Thanks again for registering with Virgin Media! 

But when I go on to my Account my order status says parked I was wondering why is this? And what’s going on with my order can someone from Virgin media contact me and tell me what’s going on with my order please  is this going to get sorted? Am I going to Receive My order ? Do I need to go to another provider ? Please kindly get in Touch with me thank you ! 

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Forum Team
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Re: Parked order

Hi Shxxss, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community. 

Sorry to hear that your order has been parked, I can appreciate you're keen to know why. 

When an order is parked we aim to get back in touch within 48 working hours to discuss it further. It could be that the information you've given us doesn't match or there's been some feedback regarding the credit check. 

Have you heard back from the team since posting? 

If not I'm sure you will soon, but I can also have a look at this via a personal message. 

I'll send you one now and grab some details. 



Emma_C - Forum Team
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