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PAC code

Joining in

I am trying to get the PAC code for my phone.

I have send an SMS (with the word PAC and my birthdate) to which I get no answer except I need to contact you.

I have been on the online chat for more than 10 hours waiting for someone to come on, but nothing.

Once was there someone after 2 hours who told me to call you, although on the site it says chat with you and it shows a link to the chat.
When I explained that person I was not going to wait in-line on the phone for another few hours she forwarded me to the mobile team, which then in turn let me wait 2  more hours. While I was afk (yes, how dare I!) a person send me some url to a form which I had to reply to within 30 minutes which of course I did not make as I was picking up my kids.

After that failure I have been trying for 6 more hours to get someone else on the chat but all I get is your ridiculous chat bot which I have, by pure frustration, been greeting with nasty answers as at some point riduculous company protocol is enough.

And now I am here............

Now, I am sure I will now be told I need to call you, but that is not true cause as you read above it can be done in the chat with the mobile team and to be honest, I dont even want to talk to your support anymore.

I want someone to take up my case and give me my PAC code!
I dont need to remind you you are obligated to do that within two hours of the original request, right? And we are on the way to a 48 hour delay. Now thats the Virgin way!

And yes, after that I wish to cancell all my mobile contracts but thats going to be another amazing Virgin adventure I can not wait for.

**just saw this text on top:
"Why not try our Text Messaging Service?"

Uhmmm, are you saying you will reply there? If so, take my advice and bin your online chat support. Win for everyone!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @shonsea,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm really sorry to hear about the poor experience you have had when trying to request your PAC Code. Unfortunately, we're unable to issue disconnections or amend tariffs directly via our Forums. 

If you wish to cancel your services and request a PAC Code for each contract you have with us, please call our Mobile Team directly on 0345 600 0789, so we can assist you further.


Reece - Forum Team

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Great, I am so looking forward to be on hold with the phone for at least 2 hours, then having to answer 25 nonsense questions why I want to leave and then getting a minimum of 3 offers to stay with you where you almost throw money at me to not leave. Which you never did while I was your customer .....

How I know? I already cancelled my internet connection with you in exactly that way.

Dealing with Virgin, it is a once in a lifetime experience, isn't it! Never again!