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Outstanding payment showing

I took out a contract For my son in  2017with Virgin but had nothing but problems with it the phone had to be returned 3 times due to a mechanical  fault each time taking upto 2 weeks without a phone which we was still billed for. 
On the fourth time i decided to just pay off the contract early and go elsewhere.

i rang virgin at first was told I couldn’t do this but after complaining was given a final amount to close the account of £72.00 which I did, I then received another invoice saying I owe an extra £37 rang up Virgin and was told the account hadn’t been closed and that this would be done now with immediate effect and the £37 would be waived.

i heard nothing more until, but noticed it is showing in arrears on my report.

Virgin gave us a faulty phone admitted it was a mechanical defect plus we was without it the majority of the time with no refund from you for all the time it wasn’t working.

someone from Virgin need to have the curtesy to contact me and explain exactly what this outstanding amount is for and honour what they said they would do in the first place.

if I do not receive a reply from a Virgin member we will have no choice but to cancel our Virgin TV bundle as we do not want to deal with a dishonest company and will leave negative feedback on all social media sites 

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