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Outrageous Customer Service

Been trying to upgrade handset, and Virgin have out performed themselves with their usual woeful and pity full Customer Service. I have bullet pointed issues as im slowly loosing the will to live after 90 mins of getting nowhere.

  •  1 1/2 hours trying to get an upgrade
  • Automated message at the start of call said I was eligible for one
  • First operator adamant I had a Virgin Media account eg tv/broadband which I dont
  • Told me my email was wrong, told her it cant be as they email me my bills. She asked for it then she said she couldn't change it and thats why I was having issues with not getting my bills, which I again said I was getting them
  • She took details of my handset choice and said she would pass me onto customer service who would deal with the upgrade and email issues and then I got cut off as she tried to transfer me over
  • Second operator quickly took handset/contract length/plan details which the first one struggled to grasp
  • As she was about to process she told me I had a buy out fee of £11. Explained that the automated message said I was eligible for an upgrade and the first operator had spoken to a supervisor who wavered the £11 but the second operator said her supervisor would allow this and I would need to pay the £11. Said I would wait a couple of weeks till the contracted had ended
  • Both operators saying that they were having a system update and left me on hold a number of times
  • Could not hear or understand either operator
  • Then tried to upgrade via the text service. Was asked what my question was then a 'bot' came up and asked again what my question was so abandoned that idea
  • Tried the 'Live (really!!!) Chat' online. Got asked by the 'bot' 'Terrie Triage'!!!!! what my question was. Went through the process and was told to wait for an operator and after 15 mins 'Terri Triage' popped up again and asked how he could help again.  

These are the bullet points as Virgin are really not worth the effort of detailing everything. Does anyone know how I can complain as the only link I have found is as long winded as everything else Virgin have anything to do with, would love to speak to an English speaking human.

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