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Order flagged as fraud ????

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I am a Virgin customer for more than 2 years now, we have Virgin media broadband, tv, landline and a sim (O2) with the Volt pakage at home. On Sunday my mother ordered a new iphone contact with 20gb and sent me a Refer to Friend promo link and I orderer one too. We had credit checks, signed contract, signed a credit agreement as it is a pay monthly thing and all that. We received all kind of confirmation emails and tracking number with Yodel and was supposed to be delivered the 24/04/23. It didn't arrive and the next morning I receive a call, probably from Virgin, and when I received it the person hang up the call on me, couldn't even complete Hello. Went to the tracking and surprise! my parcels were sent back to the sender and was told to contact the sender. I did and had to speak with at least 20 people. Found out my mothers acc has been flagged as fraud??!!! Obviously I was disgusted until one of your colleague explain what some poeple does and I understood, extra precautions, thats fine. But now I am thinking, I signed a contract, I signed a credit agreement and set up a payment which has been confirmed but I dont have the products with me. Am I being the victim of fraud??? 

Can you please help me find out why would you flagg someone as fraud, someone who has been a customers of yours that you even retained with a good offer after finishing contract recently. We still on the 14 days cancelation period and thinking in leaving because you made us go through this for a small thing, I can not imagine what might happen in the future. 

We are disgusted for the level of customer service we have received


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi FAIB23,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that your mother and yourself are having with your mobile orders.

Have both of your orders been flagged as fraudulent accounts or have been flagged to be randomly checked by the fraud team?

Have you been advised by the team, when your orders will be fulfilled or hear back from the team that is looking into this?

Kind Regards,


I was told that both orders have been cancelled and that my mothers account was flagged. I don't know if anyone is looking into this and if someone will come back to me or my mother about the matter. Now I am the one feeling uncomfortable (potential victim of fraud) because I have signed a credit agreement and have a set up monthly payment confirmed but have no device or sim with me, and cannot think of a reason of my moms acc being flagged as we are existing Virgin customers with all clear, payments and everything. Now I have a contract and credit contract, but no device, sim or an email or call explaining anything, even if it is to tell me your orders have been cancelled.

I will understand if I did not respond to the security check call of the morning but I was only called once, no 2nd calls and when I picked up the call they hang up on me. Don't know what we did wrong. 

I can't understand why would Virgin jeopardise loosing a customer who you just renewed when we were alomst leaving for a different company and is still on the 14 day canellation period. 

Thanks for coming back to us FAIB23, I would be able to look into your account via private message as you are the account holder but I wont be able to look into your mothers account, unless you are also the registered account holder on there. I will send over a private message now to confirm some details and we can look into this further for you.

Kind Regards,