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Order Placed, Parked & No Updates

Joining in

I placed an order last Monday 24th July and I was told it was parked whilst further checks are conducted. I recently moved house and believe to have been an issue with ID verification against my address.

Few days went by, no follow up, despite being told it would be 24-48hrs. I called the sales team on Thursday 27th for an update and was told that the security team still needed to review, but a follow up note would be issued to them and to expect a call within 24-48hrs.

Lo and behold, 48hrs has passed and no phone call. Reading some other posts on here and this seems a common issue.

Would appreciate some advice on next steps as I'm about close to cancelling this new order and going elsewhere.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Krypto88 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had and that you're thinking of cancelling the order 😔

In order to look into this for you further, we'll send you a private message on here. Look out for the envelope in the top right-hand corner.

If you're on a portable device with a smaller screen, click on the icon in the top right-hand corner and select "messages" from the additional menu options.


Looks like this is just the typical way Virgin Media handle all new customers.

Lots of "come join us, we're amazing" and nothing. Minimal care, no reasoning, little contact other than "you will be contacted in 24-48hrs". Must be living in the Interstellar universe where time differs with the VM service team.

At this point I'm better off staying with my existing provider to reduce the hassle.