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Oomph unlimited Sim

I have an ongoing issue with a part of my overall virgin media package that is supposed to include a free unlimited sim which should link to a virgin mobile contract. This was in my previous contract but it never got activated or issued? It wasn't until I spoke to a virgin about 6 week or so ago when the contract was due to change, that it was brought to my attention. I was told it would then be applied to one of two mobiles that are in my name (I gave the one that my wife uses).  Surprise surprise it still has not materialised and the mobile bill remains the same.

Now, I called Virgin Media this morning, as it relates to that contract but they could not help so they put me through to the mobile dept. They could not help so they put me through to the SIM department, the SIM department could not help because they needed a 'Oomph contract number' which I do not have and or is not shown on the VM statements. So, they put me through the the 'Oomph' dept but it a recorded message then say's it's closed and to call again at a later time and the call was then ended. After all that, each time having to give your security details and explain everything over and over!

So I take a deep breath and call VM again, I explain clearly what I had just been through and explain the issue and the need for a oomph number.  The VM operator say's he will have to put me through to the relevant department (Oomph) so I say, "But I do not want to end up with no one on the end of the phone like previously because there is no one there" but he assured me that he will put me through to the relevant department. But, surprise surprise! it was the same message and told thank you and goodbye! End of call. 

So I have wasted over an hour and have not made any progress whatsoever, no one seems to be able to help or do not want to help? 

Of course, I could just forget it and put it down to one of life's little mysteries but the feeling of frustration is overwhelming. I see there are others who have had similar experiences by the looks of it, I probably should read those fully but thought I'd air my grievances in the meantime.

Any positive advice would be welcome?          


John G

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Re: Oomph unlimited Sim

Hi JRG49, 


Thank you for your post. 


I am sorry to hear about this, as it is something I have been working on personally to sort these issues out over here on the forums. What I will do is send you a private message and get this sorted for you. 



Ryan_N - Forum Team