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Oomph 5gb sim package

When I log in to my Virgin Media account it shows my Maxit TV pack, 200mb broadband and weekend calls for phone, but for the SIM it says that I don't have an Oomph package...but I do.

If I log into mu mobile phone account then the sim shows as an oomph sim.

So my question is...why isn't the oomph sim showing on my Virgin Media account?

Be handy to have everything in the same place.

Also on the Virgin Media connect app, if I log in then I can acess my router etc, but if I switch off the wifi it tries to check the sim but throws up an error about not having an oomph package.  I then have to log back into the app.

Feel free to click on the thumbs up thingy and kudos thing. It really helps me to feel important and boosts my ego.
Seriously though, I'm happy to help.
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Re: Oomph 5gb sim package

Thanks for the post Johninboro.


The Oomph bundle SIM card would be billed with your media account but you would need to log into your Virgin Mobile account to view details as these are separate systems. 


To use the Connect App to check the services you would need to be connected to the internet i question.


Thanks, Emily.

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