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Ony one bar and very slow data connection

Joining in


I just moved from Voda UK to Virginmedia Sim Only Deal (Number porting completed today) and has been struggling with Internet Data connection. I am hardly getting 1 Mbps down and less than 0.5 Mbps down. Checking the coverage in my area (SM5 1RE), it is showing good outdoor and indoor. 

Kindly advise if anything can be done?

Kind regards


Can you confirm how long you have been experiencing these issues for me @Gaulochan?


Thanks for sticking with me through the questions! 

I am having this issue since the day I received the sim from VM, I believe last week of June.

Thank you for running through these questions with me @Gaulochan


As this issue seems to only occur at home and not else where it would suggest that this issue is with the coverage in your area and you are noticing this since the migration across to the new network. 


We are so sorry that this is happening but there would not be anything further we can do to advise on this. 


Thank you again for your time.