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One Way Speech - Any 2nd/3rd Level Tech support here?

Hi people.  

I wonder if there are any actual VM techie people that lurk here.  My father has just "ported" (SIM swap in reality I guess) from Vodafone to Virgin Mobile (but on Vodafone).

Ever since he's had issues with one way speech on inbound calls from EE.  The calling party doesn't get ringtone or audio when the call is connected.  I work for a telecoms firm myself and have been able to replicate the issue on a Gamma SIP trunk - but it's OK on other providers.

It's clear that this is an issue at core network level somewhere.  I've raised this with front line support and have been told that this is a 'known issue' that will be 'fixed within 5 days' but will also need a SIM swap.

That doesn't sound quite right to me:

If the issue is some kind of signalling issue outside of your network (as I suspect it might be) not sure how a SIM swap will help.  I suspect that they may be trying a migration to Virgin Mobile on EE as a work around - but who knows.

Anyway if there are any techies on here can you answer:

  1. Is this a known issue? And is the 5 day fix the real SLA on this?
  2. If it's outside of the network is it Gamma only? Do you know if other providers are affected?
  3. Will a SIM swap actually resolve it?  Any ideas what the reason for the SIM swap could be?

Any info gratefully received

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Re: One Way Speech - Any 2nd/3rd Level Tech support here?

Not tech in this sense but there have been quite a few posts about ported numbers and calls to EE. 

It happens whether people are on Virgin's EE supplier or have been moved to Vodafone.

Like you I would suspect the fault to lie in Virgin's core network. There are a number of other fault that have been going on for month, again likely to be in the core network. 

5 days is a standard reply.

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