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Old porting error? Intermittant calls not connecting, new phone and network

With my old phone and network I'd occasionally not receive calls (no voicemail, just wouldn't connect). I'd even done tests and could see my phone go from from 4g to 3g when it was supposed to receive the call, but my phone wouldn't ring.

After wiping the phone, trying new messaging and dialer apps, eventually installing a new rom, none of it fixed the problem.

So I switched to this network. That didn't fix the problem.

A couple of months ago I switched to a new phone (Pixel 2), and the problem is still happening.

The only thing in common is the number, I've had the number for many years and transferred through many networks / VMNO.

I think the problem started when I transferred away from Post Office Mobile (they have since shut down), then briefly went to Three (they had the best reception at our holiday destination), then transferred to ThePeoplesOperator, and now to Virgin Media.

I'm guessing that an error was done porting my number by one of the previous companies, but I've no idea how to fix it.

Please can anyone offer advice.

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Re: Old porting error? Intermittant calls not connecting, new phone and network

Hi cheerful,


Welcome to the community!


Really sorry to hear you've been having troubles with your mobile phone. This sounds frustrating!


Have the team on 789 advised what the error might? Did it start happening after a specific port? 




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