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Number transfer

Tuning in


It week of promises, so I can't spend any more time on line with Virgin "help". 

I have a new contract broadband + O2 sim. 
I am in process of transferring my Virgin number to O2. 

Do I need then close my Virgin mobile account somehow? I don't believe that it will be done automatically, because so far all that was promised to be done automatically never did! 😞 

Thank you.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there gabinksa,

Welcome back to the community.

Do you only have one number with ourselves? If so once that number is transferred to O2 then you wouldn't have an active Virgin Mobile account and it will close.

Hope this helps,


Thank you!

Yes, just 1 number.

I hope you are right!

No worries, thanks for the response.

That would mean the you'd have no service with Virgin Mobile once it is transferred. 

Has the PAC code been processed by O2 as of yet? 



Yes, I gave them PAC code yesterday. 

Get sms today that it will be processed Monday 27 June

Good to hear there is a given date for this to be completed gabinska and they have been in touch. Please keep us updated on the 27th June if this has been successful. If you have any further questions or concerns, please come back to us here on community, we'll be here to help if needed.