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Not receiving verification code via SMS

Joining in

Hi, got new sim today. Trying to have Virgin mobile port my old number over from Eir.

However I am not receiving the verification code via SMS from Virgin. Have tried many times. Have waited an hour and tried again.

Still same. Help needed.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Dheery,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Apologies for the problems faced, to clarify how did you enter your PAC code?

Let us know,


I didn’t get a PAC code

Thanks for the response.

So just to tick this off, are you looking to transfer the number from the previous provider to ourselves?

As this would require a PAC code to be sent to ourselves.



Not according to your website. Yes transferring from another carrier to Virgin.

Are you in UK or Ireland. I did speak to a Virgin media person on phone a little while ago and they took my details and said it will transfer within 2 hours. I am in Ireland trying to transfer from Eir in Ireland to Virgin in Ireland.

I did not give them a PAC code, nor did they ask for one. But they did give me a code, it sounded like one they would be asking me for everytime I call them.

I assume PAC stands for Porting authorisation code or similar? Does all that sound correct.?

Ahh okay,

Many apologies as these forums would be for UK based customers.

The process may differ for them, give them a contact on  1800 940070 and they'll be able to advise further.



Ok thanks. My mistake. 👍

No problem! 

Take care,