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Not receiving normal text messages on Xoami Red Note 10 Pro

Tuning in

hi there,

i'm Not receiving normal text messages on my Xoaomi Mi Red Note 10 Pro

please help, normal texts (SMS?) and possibly otp messages too

thanks james


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jaf2013, 

Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Community.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with receiving text messages to your phone. 

How long has this been happening please? Have you just returned from abroad?

Can you please try rebooting the handset and also confirming if you are able to send text messages without an issue?

Thank you,




it has been happening since i got the handset at the end of march 2022

no i have not been abroad recently or with the handset at all

it is a chinese brand Xaomi Mi red note 10 pro

Thank you for that information. To confirm, did you buy the handset within the UK?

Do you have any issues with the other services?



services wise, everything else seems ok so far, but i probably havent tested it all

Thank you for that. To confirm, did you buy the handset within the UK?


Yes Amazon UK, they are a big seller and an extremely good budget smart phone brand

When you send an SMS to someone do you get an error message? If so, what is the message?


sending is fine and works, its receiving them, says delivered on the sending handset but not received on the xoami

Okay, do you have another handset you can try the SIM card in to see if it works then?