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Not receiving calls from some networks

I got an IPhone 8 from Virgin mobile in December and ever since I’ve had it there are certain people who can’t call me. When they call it’s as if the line is dead. I’ve called up a few times and the 1st time was just told to reset the Network but this didn’t help. The last time I called I was told that a new sim would be sent out. I have received and changed over the sim and it still makes no difference. I’ve read a few reports recently about Virgin SIM cards being faulty especially ones beginning in 319 which this one is. The number for my phone was initially with EE which was ported over so I’m not sure if there has been any issue with this.  Can someone please help because I’m paying for a phone which doesn’t work properly and I’m loosing business because people can’t contact me and think I’m no longer at this number. 

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