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Not receiving any text messages including 2FA


I need immediate help as I am not receiving text messages for more than a week.

I am not receiving messages for anything, be it for Covid test results, banking, 2FA or other retail services. This is causing big trouble for various activities. I am also unable to access my home security system (2FA enabled), this is required to share a clip required for an investigation. It's difficult to describe how text messaging issue is causing so many problems. 

On top of that I have multiple Virgin moblile accounts and its happening for two main accounts. 

I reached out to customer care, did all required troubleshooting including

  • Wifi Calling turning off.
  • Dial-assist turning off.
  • Rebooting after above options and also rebooting after changing to air plane mode. 
  • Tried SIM in a new phone.

Nothing works, customer care advised that my SIMs are more than 3 years old so they will send replacement SIMs. Possibly this could resolve messaging issue but not sure until it works. 

I don't understand how SIM age can cause this issue, also if its known to Virgin that old SIM will have text issues then why don't they warn us or send a new one before text issue can happen. 

Is there anyone from Virgin Mobile who can really help? Is there anyone who can share contact details of Virgin complaints team? 

Thank you



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Re: Not receiving any text messages including 2FA

You might want to look at this 11 month old thread

The 2FA is well documented as is the general text issue (That thread is over 12 months now)

Good luck with Virgin

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Re: Not receiving any text messages including 2FA

Just a comment re: sim age. Is your sim card red or purple?

Should be purple and they replaced most peoples cards 3 or 4 years ago.

Enlli is right, there has been a long running issue with 2fa for some. I didn't suffer, but my wife's iPhone did until we updated contracts and effectively moved to the Vodafone signal on virgin.

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