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Nokia1110 won't work with new sim card

The new sim card won't work in my Nokia1110 PAYG phone. 

Virgin mobile eventually sent be an unlock code I requested to my email but with no instructions on how to enter it.  Also the code is 21 numbers and letters so doesn't even look like a legitimate code.

Impossible to contact Virgin Mobile by phone during the day.  45 minutes of background music is more than enough for me.

Now receiving text saying old card will deactivate in 18 days.

What do I do now?  Is the phone the problem, Virgin the problem or something else?

Is it time to find a proper mobile provider willing to provide something passing for a mobile service?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Nokia1110 won't work with new sim card

Hi Purplecarder, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community. 

I'm really sorry to hear that the unlocking code isn't working and you're unable to use your new phone. 

I'd also like to apologise for the delay in replying, we have been busier than normal. 

If the unlocking code hasn't worked then it's possible that due to the age of the handset our new SIM isn't supported. 


Have you been able to get this sorted since your post?

If not then please reply to the personal message I'm sending now and I can help from there. 


Emma_C - Forum Team
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